The Artist Fix is a community that goes beyond cultural/language barriers to celebrate art.
A space that celebrates creative ideas through human stories, cultural events, and travel experiences.
As the name suggests, The Artist Fix fixes the artist within us; it encourages you 'to find the artist within'.
Come, connect with artists/makers, hear their stories and look at life a little differently.

Meet the dreamer

Originally a Social Media Strategist, Aarushi Yaduvanshi started the platform to document her love for all things art.
Weary of the fast-paced digital world, Aarushi decided to create something tangible; a print plus digital publication that provides a welcome break with tons of creative inspiration.
The Artist Fix largely remains a one-woman operation.
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'If lives are measured in moments then art is what keeps us alive.'

Are you an indie artist, homegrown brand, or creative business looking at putting your story out there or curating an event?
Look no further. It's time to weave your vision into a story!
We’re always open to discussing new ideas and sharing dreams. Journey with us!