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"For the ones falling apart & the ones falling in love, art will fix us all."

Our aim is to delve deeply into art and culture, thereby promoting the quality of life and connecting a global community of creatives.
An independent magazine catering to today's creative community, we produce thought-provoking content focusing on art, travel & culture. We'll not only feature artists but something as abstract as a studio at home or working space at a cafe.
Celebrating creativity every day.
"The Artist Fix is my labour of love. It took me almost a year to put this together. I wanted to create something that speaks directly to you, makes you feel something and inspires you to follow your heart. The content is raw and timeless, and the design clean and minimal. Buy yourself a copy, take out some time reading and later, write to me sharing how you felt; I’d be waiting."
Love, Aarushi

The Artist Fix Issue 1 Out Now

To build a thriving community that goes beyond cultural/language barriers to celebrate art in all forms.
A print & online publication featuring inspiring conversations with artists and makers of our time.
Curated intimate setups that bridge the gap between the artist and the audience.